About Us



Peppermint Cottage can be found on Hough Lane, the main high street in Leyland, Lancashire and specialises in putting the 'zest' back in to old furniture.

Karen Swan, owner of Peppermint Cottage, realised that by taking a well built piece of furniture that sadly no longer fits the style of today, it's beauty can be revived, creating something that will still stand the test of time, but with style and finesse.



Best of all, each piece of furniture has to be worked on individually, which means that no two pieces are ever the same. Karen believes that by working in this way, it allows the personality of the piece to command it's own style.



For those who have seen it for themselves, these are genuine comments as quoted by visitors to Peppermint Cottage:

"I love it, I love it, I love it"

"Oh wow, this is just what Leyland needs"

"It's like Lytham in Leyland"

"What a beautiful shop"




In addition to the vast array of furniture available, Peppermint Cottage is also proud to stock beautiful East of India gifts as well as many other pretty items that compliment the furniture range perfectly.

These gifts are full of sentiment and humour, making the ladies giggle as they check out the range in Peppermint Cottage.

With prices ranging from just £1.25, there's something to suit everyone.